Whether you what to fight on an Imperial ship or a planet destroying supper weapon, this kit is for you. With a large array of wall and door segments you can assemble an iconic battlefield with plenty of consoles and terminals to use as cover.


The two large tractor beam generators add a sense of grand scale and can make for great mission objectives. If you want to free your ship, defeat dark lords or just save a princess in distress this is the kit for you.


The kit comes un-assembled with build instructions. You can choose to have the kit unpainted or we can apply a base coat that means that you can get straight in to the detailing and texturing. Painting is made easy with the stencil that comes with the kit. Either way, this kit has enough parts to make 


4 large hanger doorways

6 small corridor doorways 

4 short wall segments 

8 long wall segments 

6 corner wall segments

3 computer consoles

3 navigation consoles 

2 command terminals 

2 tractor beam generator 


Please keep kit away from proton torpedoes.

Space Station Interior

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