Under dark jungle canopies these monolithic structure sit undisturbed for aeons until now. Their size and shape in stark contrast to the natural forms of the trees around them the only signs that some ancient culture once lived here. 


The central pyramids raising up to the sky the focus of these ancient ruins. providing an unrivalled vantage over the surrounding landscape the zenith of the pyramid is a vital location for your forces to hold. Coming as a separate large and small pyramid  gives you the flexibility to change up the battlefield every time you play.


The old limestone pillars sit crooked and dishevelled from ages of weathering but despite their age the Temple walls remain stable, Their original function now lost to the depths of time they now provide excellent cover from all kinds of projectiles a feature your troops will be thankful for. 


Ancient and strange carvings litter the ground around the alter its simple shape and sturdy build have given it the fortitude to endure the ravages of time. Who knows what prayers or sacrifices were made on the alter or what secrets it still holds maybe even treasures.


Throughout out the jungle there are strange plinths with elaborate carvings some with statues on some without but they seem to come in pairs maybe they were once part of some promenade. Whilst not large they might provide some cover in a pinch.


This Kit contains enough parts to make 1 large pyramid,1 small pyramid, 4 temple wall corners, 2 temple walls straits, 2 temple plinths, 1 ancient alter.


This kit comes unassembled with build instructions for easy assembly. It also comes pre-painted so you can get it on your tabletop as fast as possible.

Temple complex

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